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I fell in love with the camera as a child when I saw how my father's use of his brownie could turn an ordinary day into a family adventure and I have been a lover of the power of photography ever since. I know that a picture tells a thousand words and that you can't put a price on the value of happy memories or the power of a positive image.

After being awarded the Mayor's Scholarship to study Human Resources Management and Photojournalism in New York City, managing a portrait studio in Hawaii, HR Operations executive turned Charlotte entrepreneur, I realize now that it is in the persistent giving of love where the hurt goes away.

That's why I spearheaded the effort to put together the Help-Portrait Carolinas Project, bringing professionals together to treat abused women and homeless families to a day of beauty and photography. I was able to find make-up artists, stylists and photographers who donated their time to give a much needed boost in self esteem to a group in need of a faith lift.

I am honored to be the recipient of the "American Red Cross Real Heroes Award for selfless consideration and extraordinary contribution to the public", Union County Chamber of Commerce Ambassador of the Year, and Business Woman of the Year, Union County.

As stated in American Town Heroes publication, "She has the kind of spirit and heart that helps make a house a home and a town a community. It is not in her nature to sit idly by if there is a way she can contribute to making lives a little better. DeLuca is also a spokesperson, of sorts, for fire prevention and protection. Having been the victim of a house fire, she wants others to know what they can and should do to safeguard themselves and their valuables through her business Image Security,LLC. She works tirelessly in her community to help spread the word about ways others can get involved in helping themselves and their neighbors to live more safe and fulfilled lives. If there is a cause to be championed or something to be chipped in on, DeLuca will be there to make even the ordinary days feel a bit more special."

Having returned from a mission trip to Belize, Central America, where I was called to document the story through photographs of resilient Belize children, I have experienced the connection of light in their eyes even though they have nothing compared to our country's standards. They are truly happy because our team coming together from four states was there-building a school, sharing books through a traveling mobile library, giving them food, clothing, and supplies, helping them with loans to start a business of their own so that they can provide for their family. Say yes to the joy of life-the world is closer than we think.

It is now well documented that the fastest way to be happy is make somebody else happy-you help them improve their life in some way, inspire them with meaning to live for, give them attention, appreciate what they do and focus on their strengths. What brings me happiness is purpose and contribution and the possibilities of making other people authentically happy. An award winning and published photojournalist, this work satisfies my analytical side as well as my creative side-guiding me to be in the moment while capturing positive human emotions in portraits and slice of life events.

Not only do I still believe that every day is special, but every photograph that I gratefully have had an opportunity to create for the past twenty-five years has been a loving gift to those who share these special moments with me. Thank you. Lorayn CONTACT me to help you visualize your story at: info@MamaLucaMedia.com